Publications with Ann Mc Cartney, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

The complete sequence of a human Y chromosome
Nature, August 23, 2023
Rhie A, Nurk SKoren S, Rautiainen MHansen NFMc Cartney AMWalenz BPPhillippy AM
The complete sequence of a human genome
Science, April 1, 2022
Nurk S, Koren S, Rhie A, Rautiainen MHansen NFJain CMc Cartney AMWalenz BPPhillippy AM
Complete genomic and epigenetic maps of human centromeres
Science, April 1, 2022
Altemose N … Rhie A, McCartney AMNurk S, Koren SPhillippy AM … Miga KH
Chasing perfection: validation and polishing strategies for telomere-to-telomere genome assemblies
Nature Methods, April 1, 2022
Mc Cartney AM, Shafin K, Alonge M, Bzikadze AV, Formenti G, Fungtammasan A, Howe K, Jain C, Koren S, Logsdon GA, Miga KH, Mikheenko A, Paten B, Shumate A, Soto DC, Sović I, Wood JM, Zook JM, Phillippy AM, Rhie A
Ethical, legal, and social issues in the Earth BioGenome Project
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, January 25, 2022
Sherkow JS, Barker KB, Braverman I, Cook-Deegan R, Durbin R, Easter CL, Goldstein MM, Hudson M, Kress WJ, Lewin HA, Mathews DJH, McCarthy C, McCartney AM, da Silva M, Torrance AW, Greely HT
Balancing openness with Indigenous data sovereignty: An opportunity to leave no one behind in the journey to sequence all of life
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, January 25, 2022
Mc Cartney AM, Anderson J, Liggins L, Hudson ML, Anderson MZ, TeAika B, Geary J, Cook-Deegan R, Patel HR, Phillippy AM
An international virtual hackathon to build tools for the analysis of structural variants within species ranging from coronaviruses to vertebrates
F1000Research, March 26, 2021
Mc Cartney AM … J Sedlazeck F